War of Pets is a brand new color matching game. To be more accurate, it’s the hardest color matching game you’ll ever play.

Help Kiki the warrior, Mimi the mage, and Vivi the archer fend off attacks from a bunch of angry pets, ranging from cats and dogs, to birds and fishes. No one quite knows why the pets are so pissed off, but they’ll strip the girls down to their underwear if you don’t stop them.

What makes this game hard is the fact that you need to tap the correct colored button when the correct colored pet flies over the correct colored area . For example, you need to tap the blue button when a blue pet is over the blue area. To make things harder, the colored areas are not arranged in a straight line.

Did we mention that there are 5 regular stages, and that there are boss battles at the end of each stage? Because there are. There are also up to 9 unlock-able costumes each for Kiki, Mimi, and Vivi.

If you’re interested in this game, do download it on Google Play and give it a try.  You can find the download link in the “Download” page above. Thanks very much!

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